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PACE Youth Programs, Inc.
PACE Youth Programs, Inc. (PACE) is a Community Faith-Based 501(c)3 organization that provides counseling, training and mentoring services to delinquent youth and their families, to give youth the needed tools for success to become productive citizens in society. PACE provides prevention and post-delinquent intervention services to youth with a target age of 10-17 who a) has/or have had a parent incarcerated; b) who have been involved with the juvenile justice system themselves; c) are at-risk of juvenile delinquency; or d) have been adjudicated and are referred by Harris County Juvenile Probation Department to PACE for intervention services.
PACE provides prevention and intervention services that meet the needs of youth by providing services from professionals who are credentialed and or experienced to work with this population. PACE collaborates with other agencies and social service providers to strengthen families, keep youth in their homes and set them up for future success. PACE provides skills and services that help improve the lives of youth, restore family bonding, remove educational barriers, break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration for the population of youth that PACE serves, while saving tax payers millions of dollars per year.

PACE was founded by Steven Holloway in year 2001 out of a passion to help reintegrate youth released from State juvenile facilities by focusing on the program’s core elements that address (P)roper self-image, (A)cademics, (C)haracter, & (E)mployment. PACE worked with Texas Youth Commission from 2001 – 2004; volunteered services to Harris County Juvenile Probation Department (HCJPD) from 2004 – 2007; and since 2007 has been a contracted vendor for HCJPD. PACE partners with the Houston Area Urban League to provide employment readiness, Angel Tree (a program of Prison Fellowship) to impact families of the incarcerated, Rice University Police Department (“RUPD”) to form the 1st annual RUPD PACE Youth Academy, and First Church Heights to receive “in-kind” space for PACE Youth Academy.

PACE Youth Programs, Inc. has yielded great results and been recognized by President Bush, Governor Rick Perry and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee; has received numerous awards to include The Unsung Heroes for Houston’s Children Award by Children at Risk, The Education Award from the Houston/Harris County Ecumenical Council, The Hanging Tough Positive Influential Male Award from the City of Houston and many more.

our Vision
The vision of PACE is to equip and inspire youth to become responsible leaders of tomorrow, by providing comprehensive services that advance:

  • Proper self-image
  • Academics
  • Character development
  • Employment prep
our mission
To transform at risk youth into responsible citizens, by being in the community providing life skills and positive support systems that benefit the whole family and break the cycle of youth incarceration.
Steven Holloway

Steven Holloway

CEO & Founder

Steven Holloway founded PACE Youth Programs in 2000 out of his desire to help youth effectively reintegrate into society after release from state juvenile detention. READ MORE
John W. "Billy" Belk

John W. "Billy" Belk


Billy Belk served on the Board of Directors of PACE Youth from 2015-2017. In January of 2017 Billy was elected President of the PACE Board of Directors. READ MORE
Brandon Drake

Brandon Drake

Vice President

I, Brandon Drake have known about PACE since July 2014. I was introduced to Steven Holloway by a previous board member and scheduled a meeting with him at a local Starbucks. READ MORE

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PACE Youth Program Intervention

Juvenile offenders and their families residing in and around Harris County face multiple challenges that place them at greater risk for delinquent activity and incarceration. Incarceration is expensive, lowers youth self-esteem and future employability, and keeps them away from their family. Lack of adequate prevention/awareness, intervention, and treatment for high-risk youth are factors for high recidivism rates of juvenile offenders.

PACE Youth Academy Prevention

The PACE Youth Academy is a 12-month prevention program for youth dealing with the stigma of having one parent, or both, absent and in jail. As with PACE’s cornerstone intervention program, the program includes a component for family members and offer a curriculum that encompasses PACE’s core values. Parental incarceration increases the risk of children living in poverty or experiencing household instability.
Youth Program Objectives
This structured youth program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Aid youth in learning to build their capacity to communicate effectively
  • Help youth understand the role and importance of character
  • Provide youth with techniques, tools and methods for coping
  • Assist youth with supporting their parents with establishing rules for their homes
  • Provide a forum for open discussion, practical application and interaction for sharing common issues
    among parents/youths
Parent Program Objectives
This structured parent program is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide skills to aid parents in their capacity to communicate effectively with their child(ren
  • Provide counseling to help better understand the role parenting and proper responses
  • Generate awareness of current youth pressures and the emotional aspects involved in the parenting
  • Provide parents with techniques, tools and methods for coping
  • Assist parents with establishing rules for their homes
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