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A Collaboration between PACE Youth Programs, Inc. & Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

PACE Youth Programs, Inc. (PACE) is a 501(c)3, Faith-Based Program that offers prevention and intervention services to delinquent and at-risk youth (girls and boys) between 10–17 years of age. Statistics show that youth residing in Harris County face multiple challenges that place them at greater risk for increased violence, drug abuse and incarceration. As of January 2016, the cost per day to incarcerate a youth in a Texas Juvenile Justice Department institutional facility is $437.11, which equates to an annualized cost per youth of $159,545.15. This cost includes direct institutional operational costs, indirect administrative costs and fringe benefits.

Intervention services should alter behavior in positive ways that improve youth chances to prosper as productive citizens. Evidence shows that youth respond more positive when corrective services are provided in their community, versus away from home. Parents are a critical factor in the social development of children and studies have produced observed findings that indicate parental behavior can either increase or decrease an adolescent’s risk for delinquency and other problem behaviors. There are very few faith-based non-residential organizations providing specific intervention and prevention services to youth and their families, in their communities.

PACE Youth Programs Inc. provides youth with the specific opportunities to focus on the program’s core elements that address (P)roper self-image, (A)cademics, (C)haracter, & (E)mployment by offering individual counseling, educational support, life-skills workshops and employment readiness training. PACE also offers family counseling and parenting workshops and support groups designed to bring awareness to and improve parenting practices. The parent workshops center around positive behavior, training, and education that help reduce delinquency factors and encourage positive family outcomes.

Through the collaborated efforts of PACE and other community partners, we are helping youth remain arrest-free and saving tax payers millions and millions of dollars per year. Our faith-based 501(c)3 program is yielding great results. Faith-based is not just about who we are, but why we do what we do!

Working together, the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department and PACE Youth Programs Inc. are creating possibilities today for new tomorrow. Steven Holloway, Founder/ CEO.

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