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What clients say about us

I will say it again…you have the best program we offer without question! Your efforts are unquestionably extraordinary!!! Anything I can do, I will do my best to fill that gap for you.

– K.S., Probation Officer, Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

I find the PACE program is very informative. I got a lot out of each session. It’s very therapeutic to be able to talk to other parents that are kind of ‘in the same boat’ so to speak. It was also been quite an eye opener. I had no idea of how bad things are in some of our neighborhoods. Our counselor has an easy going way about him and maintains a good rapport with all the parents. He gives information in a way that is easy to understand and encourages feedback and participation. I enjoy coming each week and always take something home from the sessions.

– M.J., parent

I really enjoyed the program. There was so much I learned and so much about how to get along better with my child. Thank you for our teacher. He was awesome!

– G.H., parent

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I heard the bowling outing yesterday was a great success and even a first time experience for many of the kids. Thanks for all you are doing. Many parents of participants have commented on the visible changes occurring in their kids. Keep up the good work.

– D.J.- Retired Juvenile Probation Officer Administrator

I went with the PACE coordinators, 10 probationers and several of their mothers on a field trip to U of H for bowling, pizza and a lot of fun! Mr. Holloway did a wonderful job organizing the trip. Not only were the boys able to bowl, there were also ping-pong and pool tables available for us to use. Many of the boys had never been bowling before so it was nice to see them being exposed to something different, but most importantly, positive. Everyone interacted really well, had a lot of fun and expressed gratitude after we returned from the trip. I would love to supervise any trip the PACE coordinators have planned for the future. I just wanted to let you know how well the PACE Program is working out for our boys!

– J.F.- Retired Juvenile Probation Officer

One of the primary impressions that led me to PACE was the passion that Steve Holloway, the board, and staff had for the youth of Harris County and the excellence by which they provided the services necessary to make a difference. The vision was clear, concise, and compatible with the needs of the parents and the youth that we serve.

– J.D. Board Member


MORE from our Clients

PACE has been, and will always be, the place where God-given gifts and talents are displayed to strengthen, develop and equip families in our communities. I am confident that we have been effective and impactful in both lives of youth and parents. Passion is what I feel, and compassion compels me to do something about it with the gift and talents God has blessed me with. PACE functions to encourage, empower, equip and feed the sheep, literally.

– Todd Strayhorn, Youth Instructor

I’m excited about helping our community reach its fullest potential by supporting parents, giving them tools to help their children become productive citizens. My motto in life is “To occupy until the Lord comes,” and I see PACE as a ministry for me.

– Kathy White, Parent Coordinator

I had a wonderful time at the PACE graduation last week. I know from speaking with probation officers that PACE is a well respected program by the juvenile probation officers. That means results are happening and kids are benefiting. I now also know that not only are children benefiting but families are benefiting. That is where change needs to happen – to stop negative cycles and create positive results in future generations. I look forward to witnessing the graduation of the next group of lucky children (and their families) who benefit from being in the PACE program.

– B. V., Juvenile Court Referee, District Juvenile Courts

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