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PACE Youth Academy - Prevention Services

Prevention Services

PACE Youth Academy (PACE Y-A) is a prevention program under PACE Youth Programs, Inc. that provides skills that help youth succeed both academically and socially. This program benefits youth with an incarcerated parent, a parent absent from the home, single-parent families, grandparents and other caregivers who are responsible for the care of youth between 10-17 years of age.

PACE staff serve as a positive support system to help youth move beyond barriers to their future successes.

PACE Y-A provides families with:

  • Counseling: Youth rarely express emotions associated with the loss of a parent in the home. Regardless of whether the absence is from death, divorce or parental incarceration, the traumatic feelings associated with missing that parent are, far too often, not addressed until exposed by negative behavior. PACE Youth Academy specializes in helping youth unlock hidden feelings that affect behavior. PACE Y-A’s licensed counselors bring awareness to negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs and provide a positive course of action to help youth and their family success.
  • Life-Skills Training and Workshops: PACE Y-A has youth training, caregiver workshops and group sessions to focus on team-building skills. Professional facilitators are equipped to answer questions, address specific issues, and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • Caregiver Workshops: While youth are attending training, caregivers participate in separate workshops through which they are armed with new tools and skills that, when applied, ensure greater success in handling the myriad of situations that arise within the caregiver child relationship.
  • Youth Training: PACE Y-A provides interactive training and workshops to help youth with various life-skills.
  • Academic Assistance: PACE Y-A encourages high school graduation,higher education and/or technical school. This component offers guidance and support for further academic success. The activities will be provided under the direction of a certified EC-12 Education Teacher with psychology rehabilitation experience.
  • Employment Readiness: Youth are taught critical job readiness skills led by qualified professional staff.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: PACE Y-A provides meals, fun field trips, and other family bonding experiences and activities.

Program includes:

  • Weekly meetings and life-skills workshops
  • Weekly family dinners
  • Monthly family field trips

Workshop topics include:

  • Life Skills
  • Leadership
  • Employment Readiness
  • Unity in Community Service


After a year of education, support, and fellowship, PACE leadership hosts a graduation ceremony honoring those who have completed the program. Each graduate receives a Completion Certificate and a T-shirt. There will be Educational Scholarships for qualified participants.

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PACE Youth Academy – Parent/Caregiver Services

PACE Youth Academy for parents and caregivers provides tangible and useful tools to help youth deal with the stigma of having one parent, or both, absent and in jail. Participants referred from The Angel Tree (a Prison Fellowship Program), are automatically eligible to participate.
PACE Youth was founded by Steven Holloway to support young people and their families. Steven’s own father was incarcerated, and he struggled throughout his youth as a result. A life-threatening event in Steven’s 20s woke him up to his destructive path. He chose to get his life back on track and help others too. Steven developed PACE in 2000 to teach youth the skills they need to break the cycle of negativity and build positive futures.
As part of the 12-month program, PACE supports parents and caregivers, as well as youth, using dynamic interactive experiences that help change unhealthy mindsets and values by practicing exercises designed to affirm self-worth and improve communication between youth and parent. Additionally, PACE helps parents develop skills that help them raise positive productive citizens. PACE provides parents with information on self-image, anger management, discipline and communication.
The program encourages bonding between the parents/caregivers and youth, improving the relationship.

RUPD PACE Academy Services

RUPD PACE Academy is a one-week summer camp sponsored by Rice University’s Police Department (“RUPD”) and PACE Youth Programs, Inc. PACE and RUPD are forging ahead to help “bridge the gap between youth, the police and the community”. RUPD and PACE aim to by educating at-risk youth about the many aspects of police work, the different areas of law and how their actions affect the community. This is done in class-room settings with interactive activities and discussions, while building positive and trusting relationships with law enforcement. The camp gives youth a different point of reference which helps youth to make better decisions, educates youth on proper responses to law enforcement and provides understanding of their effect on the community.

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