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PACE Youth Program:

Youth who have been adjudicated face the unique challenge of reintegrating into the community while also transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. PACE was established for and mindful of the importance of long-lasting rehabilitation for adjudicated youth and families. The PACE program is a multifaceted 12-week life skills program for male and female youth, ages 11 to 17. The program includes comprehensive, wraparound services and curriculum designed for each specialty area of PACE.


PACE Prevention Program (P3)

The PACE Prevention Program (P3) is a 12-month prevention program for youth dealing with the stigma of having one parent, or both, absent and in jail. As with PACE's cornerstone intervention program, the P3 program includes a component for family members and offer a curriculum that encompasses PACE's core values.

Parental incarceration increases the risk of children living in poverty or experiencing household instability.The effects of an unbalanced geographic distribution of incarceration in poor communities and communities of color radiate beyond the individual to the broader community, presenting profound long‐term consequences for family integrity, public health and quality of life.

PACE's P3 program is in Houston's Third Ward, with up to 20 youth ages 10 to 17 and their families. Participants will be referred from the Angel Tree program, sponsored by Prison Fellowship, recruiting families of prisoners from the 77004 Third Ward zip code and the Greater Houston area.


Proper self-image: Services in this area enhance participants’ overall evaluation of his or her own worth.

Academics: Services in this area increase involvement in and understanding of academic programs, promoting high school graduation and extending academic careers.

Character Development: Services in this area will help improve core values, behaviors, habits and respect for others.

Employment Preparation: Services in this area increase participants’ preparedness and competitiveness for the workforce through professional development and skill evaluation/building.


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